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Diary of a 3D character modeller - Part 5

Connecting textures in Maya

Back in Maya I created a new scene imported the low poly fbx into the scene and applied an AIstandardsurface material to all the objects. I then began to connect the generated texture maps from Substance Painter into the right channels. Like the Base colour map to the base colour node of the AIstandardsurface material.

Creating the hair with cards

Before creating the hair I reconsidered the hairstyle my character was going to have for multiple reasons. Firstly the original hairstyle wasn't really a style that was noticeably indicative of viking culture. I also wanted to change it as I felt it was too difficult for my first time attempting this.

For the hair of the character I had to create hair strands in XGen before converting the to cards. The card placement was done by hand was a teious process but foutunately my hairstyle only focuses on a small region of the head.

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