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Diary of a 3D character modeller - Part 6

Lighting & Rendering

The final part of the process was rendering. I got a studio light HDRI from HDRIHAVEN and set up a backdrop for the character using a bevelled plane. I took renders from different angles and even with a wireframe texture applied. Below are some of the final renders.

Final thoughts

Ultimately I aimed to create a game ready character where I followed a similar workflow to many companies in the games industry. Over the course of the project I have used many different software to create the deliverables such as ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop, Marvellous Designer, substance painter and PureRef. Many of these programs I had no or limited experience with prior to starting this project.

I ran into number of problems that troubled me, whilst this project was difficult it was also an opportunity for growth and I feel like I understand the professional workflow a lot better now and I’m motivated to to learn even more.

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